Case Study:


As indicated by the giant text, my name is Kelly. 

Thanks for checking out my portfolio. Please enjoy this assortment of sentences I wrote about myself.


I am a lifelong student of the internet who instinctually explores and embraces the manner in which identity and technology intertwine.

My cerebral, strategic approach to design is fueled by my interest in the pleasures (and potential pitfalls) of interacting with the world through a screen.

I am a resident of Brooklyn, New York and have been living in New York City for the last 9 years.

Exploring the intersection of unseasonable sleet and drugstore umbrellas


Writing & Copy Editing

I enjoy the challenge of verbalizing concepts that are hard to put into words and performing revisions to improve diction, style, and tone.

Domain Research

I approach research, citation, and synthesis of both primary and secondary sources with experience and enthusiasm.  

Public Speaking

I am a seasoned public speaker who can present ideas with confidence in both formal and informal contexts.


I get a real kick out of emulating user task flows and interactions. I have experience doing so with Sketch, Figma, Invision, and Axure along with HTML/CSS.

Dressed for the occasion to see Mark Rothko’s dark palette at the Pace Gallery


In my free time, I enjoy building and modifying mechanical keyboards, playing story-rich RPGs, powerwalking, and engaging in lowbrow cultural criticism (thinking too deeply about reality tv).